Posted by: hollobetty | July 29, 2008

Happy to be simple

Many things cannot be simply described by words, but today I really experienced friend’s love especially HIS love, the time I felt sad He sent HIS angel to comfort me, I wanna praise HIM for all.
Never be so glad that so many loving friends,
never be so glad that you can just chat every real thing with your true friends,
never be so glad that having a true friend who knows every thought of you, she knows you so well, but still, she accepts you,
never be so glad that you never need to hide anything from her,
never be so glad that you can share icecream and food with your loving friends.
Really rarely write my own stuff on my space as don’t enjoy the feeling of internet-communication, only enjoy the ones in the real world, but today I just wanna praise HIM on my space and record every good deed HE’s done in my life, and wanna praise HIM for this: ‘HE wants you to be simple and happy’
Praise HIM for the angel
Praise HIM for the love we shared
Praise HIM for lifting in my heart
Praise HIM for the careness between BASICS
Praise HIM for the righteousness
Praise HIM for all of the people surrounding me
Praise HIM for the sleepiness
Praise HIM for the awakeness
Praise HIM for the happiness
Praise HIM for the sadness
Praise HIM for the freedom
Finally praise HIM for the simpleness
And lastly I want to say I love all of you! –people on the space and people not


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