Posted by: hollobetty | April 6, 2008

I’ve decided

I don’t even need to think about you if you are not in the Lord and following Him though you have a girly face
When tempted, think about this
does he love the Lord and follow the Lord as his saviour?
do we encourage each other in the growth of Christ?
does he support you if you have mission in Christ?
does he suit you?
Oh, Lord, my eyes are easily tempted by the lovely face
But I’ve decided
decided that I don’t even even need to think about him if he is not the one
decided that my dedication to You
decided that lovely face is not my initial thought
Still I’m wishing
wishing that I may be the Proverb 31 woman
wishing that Your will may be fulfilled
wishing that I’ll not be the one who just focuses on the lovely face
when tempted, think about this
the future — the importance and the aim
time is hard when present
time is witness when passed
For certain You are always there to help
For certain You won’t pass the burden over we could carry
Face will fade, You remain

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